Brand evolution, business evolution.

The future does not stop, just as research and innovation do not stop.
Born as a protection barrier, over time we have refined the quality of the security door with new technical features: water and wind tightness, the reduction of thermal transmittance, the acoustic reduction, the increase of aesthetic solutions.
 Evoluzione del Marchio Effepi Security Doors - Porte blindate Made in Italy

Evoluzione marchio

Franco Paolucci

One thought, one business.

I have been producing armoured doors since 1979 and I have often felt that few people realise how much dedication, research of innovation, respect for mankind and the environment may go into the creation of a product, which apparently could be ‘taken for granted’.

In my business I’ve never settled for conventional results dictated by simple production economics: but I have tried to investigate all solutions to find the best free from any unnecessary constraints.
This covered the processes aimed at the respect of staff, the use of highly technological materials, the creation of a product that allows you to recycle each component, when it is no longer required.

The subject of ethics is a hallmark of many projects that I have undertaken; and several years ago (even today there are similar proposals in the market) I designed the armoured door which is accessible to elderly and disabled people, anticipating the principles of the design for all. Choices that have certainly affected the high-end positioning of my doors, limiting the big numbers, but that have made them ‘genuine’ products, of authentic quality.

Franco Paolucci
Effepi is sensitive to the concept of "Italian Product": all door models are in fact produced in Italy with Italian raw materials.

The quality of Effepi products is guaranteed by compliance with Italian and European regulations, compliance with legal requirements, product certifications, thirty years of experience, innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Effepi is a modern and up-to-date company, well rooted in the territory, solid and sensitive to demands, constantly evolving with the market and with technical and regulatory specifications.

The company organization, the result of decades of experience in the field, is such as to provide services and products to even the most discerning customers who demand the best for their peace of mind.

Effepi’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to architects and designers, or to support them in their projects.

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