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UNI EN 1026 - UNI EN 12207

EFFEPI doors = CLASS 4 A characteristic of closed windows to leave. The classification is according to Functional Evaluated the UNI 12207 E, Which Provides four classes of performance (1,2,3,4). The top class is 4, When Which is the smallest quantity of air is filtered.

UNI EN 1027 - UNI EN 12208

EFFEPI doors = CLASS 6A It is the capacity to stop water infiltration caused by the difference between the pressure inside and externally as for the air permeability test. The UNI EN 12208 law, Provides nine classes together A. The range is included between class to class 1A 9A. The top class is 9A and it Corresponds to a window able to stop water infiltration up to a wind speed of equal to 600 Pa (around 115 km / h).

UNI EN 12211 - UNI EN 12210

Doors EFFEPI = CLASS B3 It is the capacity of a window, subjected to strong pressures and / or depressions, such as those caused by the wind, to maintain an admissible deformation, to preserve its properties and to safeguard the safety of users. According to the UNI EN 12210 the frame can be classified into five classes for the wind pressure (1,2,3,4,5) and three classes for the front relative arrow (A, B, C) whose combination provides the classification of the frame (C3, B5, A1, etc.). The class that provides the maximum pressures is the class 5, while the class that provides the best permissible deformation (and therefore more limited) is the class C.

UNI EN 10077/1

EFFEPI doors = Ud from 1.5 to 0.85 W / mqK The thermal transmittance coefficient (UD), how many energy (warmth / refrigeration) waste the window through its surface. Less the thermal transmittance coefficient is, more is the capacity for the security door to keep the warm.

UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007 UNI/TR 11175:2005

It's the capacity of a building element to Provide passive protection against noise, protecting the inside of house. The value is indicato in decibels (dB) and it's indicato as Rw (C, Ctr). In the ARMORED EFFEPI security doors is possible to add special performance kit (-37db, -41db, -44db) to improve the standard acoustic level -35dB.

UNI EN 13501-2:2009  Porte EFFEPI = EI 60

The name RE or REI Indicates the door capability to preserve its features in the presence of fire in September for times of stability, seal and heat insulation characteristics in a determined period of time in the presence of fire conditions and high temperatures.
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